Research Colloquium 2018

Calling all undergrad research enthusiasts to the very first Research Colloquium of our Campus. Submission of entry is open only to all graduating students in the following categories: Technical, Technological, Social, and Poster.

Guidelines in preparation of full paper and poster for your reference.

The main body text should be typed single-spaced, justified with no indents. Please use a Times New Roman 12 pt font type. One space should be provided between paragraphs. Do not exceed the dimensions given this format. The maximum number of pages is 15 in 8.5”x11”. The upper, bottom, left and right margins are 1”.

The abstract should be at most 200 words specifying the objectives of the work, the main results, and a conclusion. For the Keywords, list immediately below the abstract up to 5 keywords that identify the main points in the paper.

The selection describes the background, objectives, time and place, scope and limitation of the study.

Theoretical Framework (if applicable)

Materials and Methods
This section should clearly describe the detailed procedure undertaken in conducting the study describing the rigorous methods used in the gathering data, organizing the results, analysis, and interpretation.

Results and Discussion
This should details a clear presentation of the results obtained, highlighting any trends of points of interest, particularly elucidating the attainment of the objectives.

Conclusion for the result should be stated. Corresponding recommendations may be forwarded.

Literature Cited
Reference should be listed end f the paper in =alphabetical order of the first author’s last name and separated be one blank line between each other. Make sure all references complete, including last names and initials of the authors, year of publication, the title of paper or book; volume number, issue number of journals, publisher, city of publication and page numbers

Calvo A.D. 2017. In-Vivo Technique: The Easier and Cheaper Way of Producing Lakatan. MS Thesis, University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, Cotabato. pp 12-15

Financial or technical support provided by any organization should be acknowledged; if any.

For Poster
Follow the same guidelines and print in 30 x 40 inches tarpaulins in portrait mode.

Cash Incentives:

1st Place – 2,500.00
2nd Place – 2,000.00
3rd Place – 1,500.00

Deadline of submission is until June 14, 2018, for review and evaluation.