The Isabela State University City of Ilagan – another academic year has come to closure and the challenging and tedious university work is over, signaling the start of a new episode for most of the graduates.

June 29, 2018- a day tagged as one of the significant events in the university as it commences the annual university commencement rites to tender the vital passport in joining the corporate world, the diploma of every student who has finished their academic voyage.

Graduates who in one way or another had encountered turmoil and tribulations in their journey. However, their diploma as their prize after surmounting all the odds and been engulfed with challenging academic responsibilities coupled with non-academic engagements that surely and certainly nurtured the totality of their being. The years of drowning in difficult university works, established camaraderie and friendship, moments of growth, and even downfall as to frustrations and stress and now their outstanding efforts are now paid off.

Truly, the unfamiliar academic landscape of ISU-Ilagan became the molder and training ground of its Alumna to finally contribute in nation building. Students who have entered the university four or five years ago to start off in their college journey were like a patch of clay; formless, nothing special and no distinguishing characteristics. But ISU-I has graciously equipped its Students ready for the unpredictable and uncertain future ahead of them.

The hundreds ISUan Graduates run in their blood the immortal seed of being genuine leader ready to showcase and contribute in the society with much hope and anticipation and most importantly with character.

Brilliant Mindset! Improved Perspectives! Transformational Initiatives! A shout that signifies the potential ISU graduates as they get involved in the various endeavor after obtaining their corresponding degrees.