2018 Recognition Day

The great efforts of students and their engagements to their extra and co-curricular activities must be recognized as they outstand in their academic or leadership involvement as they had surmounted the challenges of their university journey for another academic year.

Students’ skills and talents as nurtured in the university will be even more obvious and transformative if recognition is given to boost students’ confidence and security. With this, ISU-Ilagan believes that no students should feel undervalued or not given attention.

On the 22nd of June, the students with outstanding and exceptional achievements received medals and certificates to acknowledge their vigorous and determined efforts. Various departments in the university presented their students who are excellent in academics, active student leaders, scholars and their quizzers.

Students when they received their recognition carrying their smiles and cheerful hearts together with their parents connotes a year-end accomplishment. Awardees are anticipated to exemplify values and competence of ISUans and believe to ceaselessly engage themselves to academic struggles and personal molding.